Admission and Entry to the School

a) Registration: Pupils will be considered as candidates for admission and entry to the School when the Registration Form has been completed and returned to us and the non-returnable registration fee of £100 has been paid. Admission and entry will be subject to the availability of a place and the pupil satisfying the admission requirements at the time. The School operates an equal opportunities policy.

b) Offer of a Place and Deposits: If a place is offered (in any entry year group, including Nursery), the deposit of £500 will be payable when the place is formally accepted (by the completion of an acceptance form).  Details of deposits are set out in the Fees List as varied from time to time. The deposit will be refunded (without interest) less any outstanding fees or other sums due to the school, when a pupil leaves the school. Until credited, the deposit will form part of the general funds of the School.

Withdrawal from the School

A term's notice must be given before a pupil is withdrawn from the School or a term's fees in lieu will be immediately due and payable as a debt at the rate applicable on the date of invoice whether or not the place can be filled. The pupil's decision to withdraw from the School shall, for these purposes, be treated as withdrawal from the School by the parents. The main reason for these rules is to ensure that the School has sufficient notice with which to plan fee levels, other resources and the curriculum.