Little Prestfelde (Nursery - Year 2)

The children in Little Prestfelde are aged between 3 and 7, incorporating a Nursery and the first two years of formal education. The classes are housed in a purpose-built £500,000 school with its own Library, changing rooms and covered play-area. Little Prestfelde not only boasts excellent facilit…

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Middle School (Years 3, 4 and 5)

The Middle School is halfway between Little Prestfelde and the Senior School. With new facilities now completed and open for use, Prestfeldes 7- to 10-year-olds now enjoy classrooms and a Resource Centre to match the excellent Little Prestfelde building. Years 3, 4 and 5 are housed in this departmen…

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Senior School (Years 6, 7 and 8)

In the Senior School, classes are grouped on ability, with setting for the main subjects and provision for those who are most - and least- able. The main change, from the childs perspective, is that he or she will now move around the school to the well-equipped specialist classrooms. The Senior Sc…

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