Eco School

Prestfelde's Eco Journey

Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey.

Last year, we decided that Prestfelde was going to work towards our Eco-schools status and make our school more sustainable.
The first year has been a busy one! We set up our Eco-committee and set about the task of auditing how ‘green’ we already are. With a representative from each class, groups from Little Prestfelde, Middle School and Senior School, followed a detailed audit form to assess each of the nine topics: Water, Biodiversity, Energy, Global Perspectives, Healthy Living, Litter, School Grounds, Transport and Waste.

After working out what we already do, the groups worked hard to come up with areas for improvement to form an Action Plan that the whole school could be part of. We decided on short, medium and long term projects and put it to a vote, so every pupil had their say.

These are the results:

Short-term: Improved recycling facilities, closely followed by Energy Signs
Medium-term: Creating a wildlife area, with the runner-up being Making bird boxes
Long-term: Solar panels, closely followed by Cleaning up the pond area!

We are now ready to apply for our Bronze award and can start working towards our Silver award.

Little Prestfelde and Middle School took part in a brilliant Eco day. Everyone dressed up with a green theme and got involved in a range of different activities, including making a large collage out of plastic bottle tops, making tea-light holders, sock puppets and many other activities that used up things that we would normally throw away. We were treated to a wonderful lunch of locally sourced products which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

The children in Little P brought in planters made from old wellies and Middle School created unusual planters by using something that would have been thrown away. At the end of the day, parents joined us in Chapel where we presented prizes for the best costumes and the best planters. The children talked about what they had made and we even saw some performances of ‘Eco-raps’ from Middle School!

Next steps . . .

With a new academic year will come a new Eco-committee and hopefully lots of ideas to help us achieve our Silver award. As well as making progress towards our Action Plan, we need to create an ‘Eco-code’; again, this is something all pupils should have their say in.

Details of the meetings and events will be on the Eco-board in the Dining room.


Sophie Richards (Eco Schools Co-ordinator)