For fees in the current academic year please download the file below:


Prestfelde Fees & Extras 2016-17





On an annual basis the school awards several academic scholarships at 7+ and 11+ for current and new pupils. In addition pupils moving up to Year 7 (both existing Prestfelde pupils and those looking to join the school) may apply for Art, Music and Sport Scholarships. All Rounder Awards may also b…

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BURSARIES The School offers some Bursaries in cases of permanent or temporary financial hardship. In order to make optimum use of the funds available, applicants are means-tested to determine the extent of assistance required and for how long. Enquiries about the possibility of a Bursary should b…

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Payment and Insurance

PAYMENT OF FEES Fees should be paid by the first day of each term. This can be by cheque, direct bank transfer, or using the Schools free monthly direct debit scheme through School Fee Plan. Please see our Standard Terms & Conditions regarding surcharges for late payment. SCHOOL FEE PLAN enable…

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