Record pupil numbers since 2008

I am delighted to report that Prestfelde is definitely bucking the trend with pupils numbers.  We now have 291 pupils in the school which is the highest number since 2008. Numbers have risen by more than 10% over the last four years - proving that Prestfelde remains the school of choice for many prospective parents.

Despite having some popular girls' schools on our doorstep, our girl pupil numbers represent the highest percentage ever (not far off 35% of the total population). It is particularly pleasing to be able to say that we have more girls in Middle and Senior School than ever before.

Class sizes remain largely within our parameters of 18 pupils in a class - with a waiting list now in place for Year 4 classes.

Interest in joining the school in September is very strong, which should bring us even closer to our optimum number of 300 children in the school.  We believe this number allows us to maintain the small classes and superb individual academic attention that Prestfelde offers, whilst enabling us to continue to improve our facilities and so enhance the added value opportunities available to our children.