Founded in 1929 by the Reverend G. K. Dovey, Prestfelde is a part of the Woodard Corporation of schools, all of which share a Christian foundation and set of beliefs. Prestfelde is a happy and flourishing community which works hard to celebrate pupils’ achievement and effort. The school comprises a first-rate team of staff, who are committed to delivering a broad and dynamic curriculum. High standards are achieved within a nurturing and inspiring learning environment.

The school not only prides itself on its academic, musical, sporting and artistic achievements, but also on its ability to foster positive attitudes, respect for others and a love of learning in all its pupils.

Mission Statement

Prestfelde School enables all children to develop their love of learning, academic potential and individual talents in a caring Christian community which fosters sensitivity, confidence, a sense of service and enthusiasm for life.

Common Values

The school prides itself on an explicit set of core values which are at the core of all that we do. These values are common to all areas of the school, and are encapsulated in the four aims outlined here:

Empathy, Aspiration, Perseverance, Selflessness, Respect, Unity, Confidence, Integrity, Courage and Humility

AIM ONE: To foster and inspire lifelong learning, recognising and promoting individual talents to engage in school life with energy and enthusiasm in order to be successful individuals who are confident and go out into the world to make a difference.

Prestfelde sets out to develop six characteristics of learning, known to staff, children and parents as “SECRET”. These provide a common framework within which to develop the qualities and skills necessary to maximise the potential of all children.

S          Self manager                                                                                                             

E          Effective participator                                                                                                    

C          Creative thinker                                                                                                         

R          Reflective learner                                                                                                      

E          Enquiring mind                                                                                                          

T          Team worker

We recognise that all children are individuals and, as such have a range of talents and needs. Our curriculum and teaching take account of this variety, and the school aims to ensure that we make learning relevant to each child, achieving the best possible outcomes for all.

In addition to the timetabled curriculum, Prestfelde aims to provide a wide variety of further opportunities for children to develop their social and team-working skills.

Developing the highest standards of performance in Art, Drama, Design/Technology, Music, Physical Education and Public Speaking is of paramount importance. The school views this aim as an intrinsic part of the education we provide.

AIM TWO: To pursue each child’s academic excellence through a rich and challenging curriculum, in order to equip each child with the skills, knowledge and understanding for academic success. 

The school’s Learning Development policy aims to create an appropriate and well-balanced curriculum which will enable all pupils to maximise their academic potential, and which prepares them effectively for their senior schools.

Prestfelde’s academic rigour cycle is effective at raising standards of academic performance and includes a multi-faceted approach. The school aims to provide first-rate, well-resourced teaching. This is backed up by effective ongoing assessment, tracking, intervention (as appropriate) and attainment.

AIM THREE: To foster and support personal development, social responsibility and a sense of self-worth to aspire and achieve.

Prestfelde recognises that every child has talents as well as specific individual learning needs. We accept that each child will develop in separate ways and at different rates.

The school is dedicated to developing the potential of all pupils – physically, cognitively, linguistically, socially and emotionally.

The school supports this development through the provision of a first class pastoral care system and through effective communication with parents and guardians . The form tutors and Mentors support and encourage pupils as they face the challenges of modern school life, and assist them in managing changing and occasionally conflicting priorities.

Staff are on hand to guide, encourage and to educate pupils in the management of relationships. The school is keen to assist Prestfeldians in taking ownership of their own destiny.

AIM FOUR: To provide an environment within a Christian context, which values and promotes respect, responsibility and resilience in order that they become good citizens within society.

Prestfelde is committed to the provision of a successful and balanced co-educational experience which equips children for the next stages of their education, and which will form a secure foundation for future life.

The policies followed in the school reflect our core values at every level – in particular our policies on Worship and Creed Equality.

The school aims to help all pupils to become increasingly caring, courteous, confident and happy individuals.

Prestfelde endeavours to create a cohesive and purposeful Christian community (whilst acknowledging and respecting other faiths) in which everyone can be the best they can be. The school aims to promote a culture of enquiring minds and learning in which children feel no fear of failure. Teaching aims to be progressive and responsive, and the ethos of the school is to put the pupils at the heart of everything we do.

Our Christian core values underpin everything we do. Regular Chapel services help to place these principles in context, and staff aim to apply them in every area of school life.

Prestfelde places great emphasis on establishing and maintaining strong links with parents in order to meet the needs of each child and thereby to achieve the aims of the school.

Key Aspects of a ‘Prestfelde Education’

  1. We are a family school where every child matters. The pupils are entitled to feel valued and supported by the school: this feeling is achieved through small classes; a friendly and considerate culture; and, of course, approachable and inspiring teaching staff.
  2. In order to build children’s self-confidence, it is our ambition to discover and nurture hidden talents and abilities for all children in our care.
  3. The school prides itself on its ‘learning culture’, in which pupils are encouraged to take calculated risks, and to question 
  4. We encourage pupils to learn through making mistakes, to have fun and to develop team and leadership  In addition, pupils are provided with the support to deal with failure, with disappointment, and to take responsibility for their own learning.
  5. Our curriculum is varied and challenging, and it aims to be relevant in a modern world.

Our teaching and learning is rated ‘outstanding’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI); it inspires our children to achieve to the best of their abilities.