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Our Location

Located within the heart of Shrewsbury, our preparatory school is fortunate to have a beautiful location with facilities that parallel those of many senior schools. The stunning 30 acre parkland site is home to a beautiful mixture of Victorian architecture, modern purpose-built teaching facilities, outdoor play areas and extensive sports grounds.

Surroundings to Inspire 

Our Shrewsbury private school is situated in this historic town, surrounded by its rich cultural and historical legacy. The area is known for being the birthplace of Charles Darwin whose enquiring mind, tenacity and intellectual rigour changed the way we think about the world.

There is a long and illustrious history in Shrewsbury, and it was the early capital of the Kingdom of Powys, a Welsh successor state in the Middle Ages. The town was the centre of many English and Welsh conflicts. During the Middle Ages, Shrewsbury was at the height of its commercial success, thanks to its role in wool production. It continued to thrive throughout the next few hundred years.

Where is Shrewsbury?


From a neo-gothic train station to black-and-white Tudor houses, Shrewsbury is full of architectural delights. You could spend all day wandering down the cobbled streets and looking in the boutique shops or admiring the spired churches...

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Plan your visit to beautiful Shrewsbury 

A place to find out what is happening and where to go when you visit Shrewsbury, Original Shrewsbury has a wealth of information to make the most of your visit to Prestfelde if you are coming from afar. 



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