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Our Curriculum

Our diverse curriculum is supported by a wide variety of practical activities and experiential learning to help pupils get the most out of their independent education. Pupils at our Shrewsbury primary school are encouraged to work together, learn from each other and are inspired by teachers who ignite their lessons with excitement. 

Supporting and teaching each child as the individual that they are, Prestfelde teachers encourage pupils to have a love of learning, naturally leading to an aspiration of academic excellence. Understanding each child's abilities, interests and needs, Prestfelde's flexible teaching approach, aided by excellent facilities, technology, learning resources and support, optimises learning potential. Find out more about the benefits of our broad and fulfilling curriculum today. 

Little Prestfelde Curriculum 

The aim is for our children to become good citizens for the future with excellent values, enabling them to become learners for life. This is achieved through active involvement, hands on practical experiences, which embed and consolidate their new understanding, throughout all areas of the Curriculum.

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Middle Prestfelde Curriculum 

Middle Prestfelde pupils follow our uniquely designed Curriculum which is an enhanced version of the National Curriculum. There are two parallel classes in Year 3-5 and teachers plan collaboratively for the year group. Class sizes are kept at optimal levels for pupil learning. 


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Senior Prestfelde Curriculum 

The main objective of Senior Prestfelde is to lay firm foundations in a wide range of academic subjects, but the primary emphasis is on the core National Curriculum areas of English, Maths and Science. With  first- rate teaching and learning, many Year 8 pupils gain Scholarships at leading Senior Schools.

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Beyond the classroom

Alongside academic subjects, we also provide a programme of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), which runs throughout the school.

The pupils have opportunities to extend their academic development via a host of external competitions and challenges, alongside regular visits and learning events with partners schools. 

A range of Committees and Clubs run within the school are also avenues for pupils to to advantage of, enabling them to further pursue areas of interest.

Student Voice 

Instilling confidence, leadership and management skills the Student Committee at Prestfelde enable our pupils to have a say in how the School develops. Taking an active role in decision making, pupils meet regularly Prestfelde teachers,  to discuss events, charity fundraising and other subjects that will have an impact on school environment or life.