As part of its charitable commitment, Prestfelde School awards bursaries to assist parents with the payment of school fees. Bursaries are discounts on our standard fees which may be given based on a child’s educational ability or the financial position of the family and where it is clear the opportunities offered at Prestfelde would help nurture and develop the skills of talented children. Bursaries should be applied for in advance or when a child is already at school and the family’s personal financial situation changes. 

The provision of education is the primary charitable object of the School and our Bursary policy aims to improve access to the School for those who would not otherwise be able to benefit from a Prestfelde education. We consider a wide range of criteria including the income and capital resources of the families applying. 

Our bursaries in the past have ensured that such children have been welcomed into a community that allows them to excel or have not experienced disruption to their learning and have continued their educational journey with us. 

The Bursary Process 

New parents are advised to apply for bursaries in advance of their child starting with the school to allow sufficient time for the bursary process.  

Existing parents are advised to contact the Bursar for confidential advice should their financial position change. 

In all cases, bursaries cannot be applied for retrospectively. 

All our bursaries are means-tested and we employ the services of a third party to ensure that the process is rigorous, transparent, and fair. Any applicants will be met by the third party, Bursary Administration Limited, who will discuss their existing and future financial situation. A report will then be considered by the Concessions Committee who will report back to the Bursar who in turn will inform parents regardless of the decision. 

The concessions committee will consider the following factors: 

  • Whether the family can release funds within their household or assets and re-prioritising expenditure 
  • Whether it is possible for both parents within the family to earn  
  • Where a child’s natural family has separated the finances of both parents will still be considered 
  • Whether the immediate family has requested financial support from extended family members 
  • If a family has children at other fee-paying school’s families will be expected to seek support from this school as well.  

In making a decision the school must consider the competition for bursaries and the financial standing of the school 

Bursaries are reviewed annually unless otherwise stated. 

Enquiries about the possibility of a bursary can be discussed confidentially with the Registrar and/or Bursar and are only offered to UK residents.

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