Registration Fee: £100 (non-refundable)

Acceptance Deposit: £500 (refundable)

Class Fees (per term)
Reception £3,300
Year 1 £3,355
Year 2 £3,435
Year 3 £4,490
Year 4 £5,250
Year 5 £5,460
Year 6 £5,530
Year 7 £5,530
Year 8 £5,560

Our school fees are inclusive of lunches and morning/afternoon refreshments from our award-winning chef and his team. We continue to seek to provide as much as we can within the basic school fee in order to keep ‘extras’ to a minimum. Personal accident insurance, most clubs, and all necessary textbooks are included and we subsidise several off-site educational visits. All travel for games matches and otherwise when deemed representing the school as part of a team are also included. The School also has excellent learning support provision integral to the classroom (some individual assistance may be subject to additional fees).

The Governors of the School have agreed to maintain fee levels for the next academic year in line with those charged for 2019/2020 and there will be no increase on fees for the next academic term.

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Please note: Fees are subject to an annual increase, normally in the region of 3.5%, which takes effect from 1st September each year.

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Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) Fees (0830-1230, including lunch)

Mornings/week Fees (per term)
1 £430
2 £800
3 £1,150
4 £1,460
5 £1,760

Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) Fees (1230-1530)

Afternoons/week Fees (per term)
1 £320
2 £600
3 £860
4 £1,095
5 £1,320

Government Funded Free Entitlement

We participate in the government’s nursery education funding scheme and accept Government funding for 3 hours per day, 5 days a week (0830-1130), up to 15 hours maximum per week, as part of the 0830-1230 morning session. The additional hour and lunch have an extra charge. The total charge is the fee for being part of the school.

Extended Care

Is available until 6pm in the Little Prestfelde Den. There is a charge of £3 for Foundation Stage 1 children to stay until 5pm unless a sibling, in Middle or Senior Schools, is required to stay until 5pm. There is a £3.50 charge between 5pm and 6pm.

Extended Care Fees (per day)
1530-1700 £3.00
1700-1800 £3.50

Boarding Fees

Flexible Boarding (per night): £TBC

Available from Year 3.

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