Childcare Vouchers

Prestfelde School is happy to accept Child Care Vouchers (CCVs) from parents for qualifying activities as defined by the law.

Parents can use vouchers as payment towards any form of care or supervision outside the hours allocated to compulsory education. In practice, this means that Prestfelde School can accept CCVs for:

  • The charges for boarding for any pupil in this school.*
  • The fees for any child aged three until 31st March, 31st August or 31st December next after the child celebrates their 5th birthday. Children within their correct National Curriculum year group can use CCVs for Nursery and some Reception fees, depending on date of birth.
  • After school clubs which take place outside the normal school day. After school care and clubs would fall into this category.*
  • Holiday clubs organised and run by the School.

* For out of school clubs and boarding fees the care must be invoiced separately to the education fees and provided out of school hours and on the school premises.

Child Care Vouchers are provided by employers to employees under certain qualifying conditions, and the voucher amount is free from tax and National Insurance contributions.

Please contact the Accounts Officer on 01743 245400 for more information

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