As a way of recognising and nurturing potential, the school awards several scholarships at ages 7 and 11 for current and new pupils. As well as helping our children to strive for excellence in areas of particular ability, there is the additional benefit of discounted school fees. In Year 7 scholarships are available across a range of subjects including art, music, sport and academia. Assessments take place in the Spring term whilst pupils are in Year 2 and Year 6, and any awards offered will take effect from the start of Year 3 and Year 7.

Awards of between 5% and 20% off the day fees are made to successful applicants.


As with most independent schools, bursaries are limited, but they are designed to facilitate entry for those who would gain from education offered at the school. The school offers financial support which is means-tested and applications are encouraged where appropriate. The level of subsidy varies according to parental need and affordability and it is normal for Bursary Administration Limited to review the application which may include a visit to the family at home. Enquiries about the possibility of a bursary can be discussed confidentially with the Head and/or Bursar and are only offered to UK residents.

Sibling Discount

Where siblings are attending the School at the same time and both are in Year 3 or above, there is a 5% sibling discount for the second child and a 10% discount for the third (and fourth) child.

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