Optional Extras & Learning Support

Extra Meals (available to all)

Breakfast £3.20

Supper £4.10

Music Lessons

Lessons are offered by peripatetic teachers in the music school during school hours. The recommended charge is £23 per half hour but arrangements are made between the parents and teacher.

External Visits

A charge may be made for activities that involve transport costs and/or the use of external staff or facilities and entrance fees. When planning external visits we endeavour to keep costs to a minimum and inform parents in advance of the anticipated cost for billing.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Most clubs are provided as part of the basic fee although some extra-curricular activities are offered as extras and should be booked in advance through the school office. The activities offered change from time to time, but include dance, ballet, aikido, archery and bushcraft.

Minibus Pick-up Service

The school operates minibuses on several routes around the local area to pick up pupils in the morning from designated collection points. This is a popular service which needs to be booked before the start of term. The one-off charge is £150 per term for more remote locations and £87 per term for local collection. There is also a facility to purchase day tickets for £4.75. Bookings should be made through the School Office.

Learning Support

Although much is integral to the school provision and part of the fee, the school runs a comprehensive learning support facility that is charged at £27 per 40 minute session.