Payment of Fees


Fees should ideally be paid by direct debit under the School Fee Plan (SFP) Direct Debit Monthly Payment Scheme or otherwise by cheque or direct bank transfer by the first day of each term. The School cannot accept cash payment for fees or extras. In addition to our Standard Terms & Conditions regarding surcharges for late payment, there is an administration charge of £20 per week.

SFP (DD Monthly Payment):

The School encourages parents to pay fees/extras by 10 monthly installments through the SFP Direct Debit scheme.  This service is provided for the benefit of parents. There is no charge to parents for this service. School Fee Plan can now also offer a 12-month payment option at 2.99%. Applications should be made online through the Payment section on the school website.

Lump-Sum Capital Payment in Advance:

The School offers a payment-in-advance contract for those parents, grandparents, or guardians wishing to make a lump-sum payment for projected school fees.  Please contact the Bursar for details.


One full term’s notice (Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar, or Apr-Jul) in writing must be given by parents or guardians before a child leaves the school (except at the end of Year 8). If notice is not given, an additional payment of a term’s fees in lieu of notice is required. Notices will only be valid for 30 days.

Childcare Vouchers:

Childcare vouchers can be used to pay for fees up to the term in which your child turns 5. They cannot be used to pay for fees thereafter. However, Childcare vouchers can also be used to pay for boarding, after-school clubs which take place after the normal school day i.e. Den, and for payment of holiday clubs which are run and organised by the school.