11+ Scholarships 2018


Scholarships at 11+ are awarded for special Academic, Musical, Artistic and Sporting ability, assessed by interview.

These scholarships are for gifted and talented children, whether already at Prestfelde or new to the school, who are due to enter Year 7 in September 2018. Awards usually represent a substantial contribution towards school fees for the remainder of a child’s school life at Prestfelde.

To apply, contact Jayne Simmons, Head’s Secretary, on jsimmons@prestfelde.co.uk or 01743 245400.

Thu 18th January 2018     Art Portfolio assessment and interviews.

Fri 19th January 2018     Music auditions and Sports assessments

Sat 20th January 2018     Academic assessments

The closing date for entries has now passed – please put your child’s name forward very promptly!!!