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From FS1 through to Year 8 all of our pupils wear Prestfelde's navy, grey and yellow uniform. At each stage of education, the uniform and kit changes slightly, transforming the look gradually from comfort to more formal attire.  

Children are also required to wear the correct kit for outdoor play, Physical Education and the many sports that we offer here. 

We advise parents to order uniforms as soon as school places are confirmed.


Compulsory for Little Prestfelde up to Year 3 from September 2023.

Compulsory for Years 4 - 8 from September 2024


Compulsory Little Prestfelde to Year 3 from Sept 2023

Optional for Years 4-8 Boys

Compulsory for Years 4-8 Girls from Sept 2023


Compulsory from Sept 2023 for Little P to Year 3

Compulsory from 2024 for Years 4-8



Compulsory from Sept 2023 for Little P and Year 3 and optional for Years 4-8

School Shop Direct

School Shop Direct, in Shrewsbury, is the main uniform supplier for Prestfelde School. Orders can be placed online and delivered directly to your home, or you can take a trip to the shop to try on and select uniform there. 

Contact School Shop

Prestfelde's School Shop

Pre-loved and new items are also available via our in-house School Shop that is run by our wonderful FOPs team. a parent volunteer, based here at the school. 

The Prestfelde School Shop is open to parents by appointment on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday mornings from 08.30am during term time and are happy to arrange individual appointments throughout the holidays, wherever possible.

Make an Appointment 

Prestfelde's Uniform Booklet

For the complete list of all uniform and information on how to purchase, please click here to download the printable booklet. 

Download Uniform Booklet