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Beyond Prestfelde: Senior Schools

Prestfelde is proud to be a truly independent primary school in Shrewsbury, invested in children’s futures. Our Year 8 leavers progress to numerous destination schools with many of them gaining academic or specialist awards at an impressive list of senior schools.

100% of our children leave Prestfelde to go onto the Senior School of their choice.

Scholarships awarded in the last 5 years



49 Prestfelde pupils achieved Academic Scholarships in their chosen Senior School.


All Rounder

26 Prestfelde pupils achieved All Rounder Scholarships in their chosen Senior School.


59 Prestfelde pupils achieved Sports Scholarships in their chosen Senior School.


14 Prestfelde pupils achieved Art Scholarships in their chosen Senior School.


8 Prestfelde pupils achieved Music Scholarships in their chosen Senior School. 


6 Prestfelde pupils achieved Drama Scholarships in their chosen Senior Schools. 

Design Technology

5 Prestfelde pupils achieved Design Technology in their chosen Senior Schools. 

Support from Prestfelde 

Our goal is to help our pupils secure a place in a senior school of your choice, supporting them through the process and preparing them for the move. We work closely with both you and your child, understanding aspirations and supporting achievement to enable pupils to reach their goals. Throughout your child's time in Senior Prestfelde, Prestfelde will: 

  • Facilitate on-going conversations via reporting and parents consultations 
  • Ensure whole school understanding of where each child is aiming for and academic expectations 
  • Nurture excellent partnership working with Senior Schools known and unknown
  • Share information to support effective transition and next steps
  • Provide families with a one-to-one meeting with Deputy Head 
  • Meetings with the Head, Tutor and other senior staff.


A list of some of the Senior Schools that our pupils have gone onto join. 

Future Schools

Adcote School
Bloxham School 
Bromsgrove School 

Cheltenham College 

Cheltenham Ladies College
Concord College
Denstone College
Ellesmere College
Malvern College
Malvern St James 
Morton Hall 
Newport Girls High School 
Old Swinford Hospital School 
Oswestry School 
Oundle School 
Radley School 
Shrewsbury School 
Shrewsbury High School 
Westminster School 
Wrekin College