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We firmly believe in the important role that sport plays as part of a balanced education for everyone. We want all pupils to embrace physical activity and make sure it becomes part of their lifestyle in whatever form. The range of different sports on offer help to develop the whole child through team skills, individual determination, competitiveness and self discipline, all of which complement their wider education. 

An impressive array of sports is offered at Prestfelde, and beyond the major sports – Football, Rugby, Cricket, Lacrosse, Netball and Rounders – there are many other sports and extra activities which awaken and develop other interests including Tennis, Swimming, Cross-Country, Hockey, Dance, Dodgeball, Fencing, Athletics and Archery.

Three afternoons a week are given over to sport and the 30 acres of impressive sports fields are complemented by a gymnasium, 20m indoor swimming-pool, netball and tennis courts. There is a full fixture list against other schools in the region, and Prestfelde regularly sends teams to local and national tournaments.

Engagement, Enthusiasm, Enjoyment...

Engagement, enthusiasm and enjoyment drive sports participation at Prestfedle. Every pupil has the opportunity to represent their House or the School within competitive matches. Prestfelde is renowned for its sporting excellence, a reputation that is achieved through our talented children and excellent sports coaches.

As well as developing skills on the pitch, Prestfelde's sports programme develops personal qualities of leadership, team-playing and good sportsmanship, qualities that benefit our children beyond the 30-acres of Prestfelde.

Saturday Sports is brilliant. You get to see your friends and play with your team, instead of staying in bed! I would play netball everyday if I could."


Cross Country











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