Little Prestfelde

Little Prestfelde, affectionately known as Little P, is where children begin their journey through the school. The age range of children in Little Prestfelde is between three and seven, and this part of the school incorporates a nursery pre-school and the first three years of formal education. Little Prestfelde is for pupils in Pre-School to Year 2 aged 3 – 6 years.

The foundations of education are the most important stage in a child’s development. Little Prestfelde offers a caring, nurturing environment that supports the development of a positive attitude towards learning; enjoying what they set out to do, fostering a desire to discover by exploring, and developing creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.

Emphasis on the basics of literacy, numeracy, science, humanities, physical, artistic and musical development are integral to our teaching through a thematic approach, which is generated from the children’s interests. The quality of our teaching is enhanced further by the impact of specialist teachers who support the passion for subjects and help children to embrace new knowledge.

Each child is an individual and we aspire to ensure that their unique talents are recognised, celebrated, and used to develop new learning opportunities. This ultimately raises self-esteem and starts the exciting journey of becoming a learner for life.

We are fortunate to be set in a purpose-built school, catering for children aged 3- 7 years. This naturally stimulating learning environment provides the space for children to explore, enquire, and develop their own physicality. Our effective learning space houses a free flow covered area which can be utilised throughout the year, in all weather. A library and foyer area which focuses on our British and Prestfelde Values is at the heart of the building and the curriculum.

Staff in Little Prestfelde are all specialists in their field, continuing their ongoing professional development to further improve and support children’s learning. In addition to this, all Early Years staff have a paediatric first aid qualification.

The teachers are passionate about creating new and exciting learning opportunities for all children.  Understanding the importance of developing positive relationships, where both child and parent feel safe and secure.

We understand that all parents are their child’s first and most enduring educators. We encourage parents to be partners in their child’s education and become part of the rich fabric of the Little Prestfelde, and ultimately the Prestfelde school community.