Senior School

Senior School is for pupils in Year 6 to Year 8 aged 10 – 12 years.

The main objective of Senior School is to lay firm foundations in a wide range of academic subjects, but the main emphasis is on the core National Curriculum areas of English, maths, and science. Foundation subjects (Art, Drama, French, Latin, Geography, History, Music, PE, Religious Studies, and Design Technology) are also taught and assessed alongside the core subjects, twice a year.  Prestfelde’s syllabus is an enrichment of National Curriculum and the Common Entrance syllabus. It also meets the requirements of scholarship entrance for senior Independent Schools, and the entrance examinations requirements for State grammar schools.

English teaching develops the pupil’s communication skills and increases their command of the language through speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Mathematics focuses on helping pupils to understand and appreciate relationships and patterns of number and space and to develop their capacity to think logically and express themselves clearly. Their knowledge and understanding of mathematics are developed in a variety of different ways, including practical activity, exploration, and discussion.

Science teaching is concerned with increasing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of nature, materials and forces and with developing the skills associated with science as a process of enquiry, for example observing, forming hypotheses, conducting experiments, and recording their findings.

Technology, we teach both design technology and information technology. Each area develops the ability to plan and communicate ideas, the pupils develop their skills in construction and their ability to reflect and evaluate the project.

Humanities subjects teach about people and their environment, and how human action, now and in the past has influenced events and conditions. Our history and geography syllabus’ for Common Entrance explore these areas.

Physical education develops the pupils’ physical control and coordination as well as their tactical skills and imaginative responses. We encourage and help them to develop skills in evaluating and improving their performance. Our pupils gain a sound knowledge of healthy eating, and the importance of physical fitness on health.

The Arts – we teach the process of making, composing, and inventing and this is also complemented in many of our subjects and areas of school life. Music, Drama, and Art are often further explored through literature to provide opportunities for personal, imaginative and often practical response.

Religious Studies is taught as a way of providing human and social education and promoting a deeper understanding of spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development.


In Senior School prep is set according to the timetable. Expectations vary for each year group as they progress through the school. The approach is flexible when necessary so that each child’s needs can be catered for. Mentoring and monitoring are used to ensure that the independent work carried out supplements the lessons in the school day.

During their final Common Entrance/Scholarship year, pupils are expected to do additional work/revision in their own time. This is monitored carefully by staff and parents are encouraged to communicate with form tutors should they have concerns.

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Annual Speech Day – A Celebration of Success

Our annual ‘Speech Day’ is a celebration of our pupil’s achievements at the end of Year 8. It is a special day to enjoy the fellowship of our Prestfelde Community; friends, colleagues, and families.

Prestfelde Speech Day 2020