Little Prestfelde

Find out what a day in Little P is like from a child’s perspective….

Today, I am going into school at 8am as Mummy has to go to work . I enjoy the morning with the lovely activities and playing with my friends before school starts in the Little Prestfelde foyer.

At 8:20am Mrs Thelwell welcomes everyone into school and we all hang up our coats in the cloakroom. We have a lot of kit, so we make sure that we have our pegs labelled clearly to hang our clothes on.

The morning lessons begin. We learn together and play an active part in all of our new experiences.

Each morning we all take part in a Little Prestfelde chapel which is led by Mrs Orchard, Mrs Thelwell or our school Chaplain. We talk about the teachings of Jesus through the Bible and learn about how we can make the right choices through our values curriculum.

Our values, good behaviour and work are rewarded by the award of dragon tears. These are very special beads which we put into our coloured house bowls. When they are full, a team chooses an activity for all of Little Prestfelde.

Play time is very special. We have the best adventure playground in the world. First we put on our tracksuits to make sure that we take care of our uniform, then we go to the dining hall, where we have a healthy snack and a drink before we go outside. The adults help us in our play and teach us new games. We love to climb, swing and run, developing our strength and coordination which all helps to develop our writing.

The best time of the day is lunch time. This is when we have our very own nutritious hot cooked meal, made by our fantastic chef, Spiros.

On Wednesdays we go to go to Forest School which is on the other side of the grounds. We have designed and made dens, been on bug hunts and even have a forest fire where we roast marshmallows.

3:30pm comes around so quickly. We have been so busy and had so much fun, but now it is time for some of us to go home and share our wonderful day with our families, if we can remember all the things we have done!

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