Middle School

Middle School is for pupils in Year 3 to Year 5 aged 7 – 9 years.

A typical day in Middle School is anything but typical…..

At 0815 we are welcomed into our classroom by our teacher and once registration is complete it is on with an early morning activity.

The first lesson of the day is an exciting Talk for Writing session: we are heading into the school grounds to find an Ogre!  We find lots of evidence that the Ogre has been to Prestfelde, but somehow never quite spot it… Perhaps creating an Ogre trap might be helpful?

Once our traps are set, it is off for a Celebration Chapel where any display of good values through the week is acknowledged with a badge that we can wear on our blazers. If we are sent to Mrs Orchard for a Special Mention, she calls us up in Chapel to receive a certificate and shares our success with the school.

Time to get to the dining room for a drink with fruit, or a freshly baked snack.  The Year Five buddies take our playtime games to the playground for us. Some children play ball games and others play on the adventure playground equipment.  Mrs Murray often asks for helpers in our Beckbury garden to help with planting and harvesting our vegetables for the school kitchen.

Back to the classroom for some maths. Quick number games to improve our mental maths skills lead into an active and fun lesson.  Today our learning objective is to work out accurate change in as few pounds and pence as possible.  We have turned our classroom into a stationery shop and we all take turns to buy and sell items.

Lesson Five – swimming time!  Our expert swimming teachers really help us to improve our style and speed.  We are working hard to prepare for the Middle School House Swimming Gala.

Having worked up a serious hunger, it is time for lunch. We head to the dining room, where we always enjoy delicious meals cooked and served by Spiros and his friendly team.  We can choose from soup and bread, salad bar or a hot meal such as roast dinner with all the trimmings.  The puddings are delicious too; it’s hard to pick a favourite, but I do love the sticky toffee pudding!

After lunch we change our reading books and pair up with a partner to read.  Our teacher and teaching assistant listen to us read and discuss our books with us.

Now it is time to get creative and the Art room is one of the best rooms in the school!  Mrs Allen links all our tasks to our topics in class.  During our Space topic we create vibrant rockets and improve our drawing and blending skills.  We also work with paper mache to create our own planets – messy but FUN!

The final session of the day is PSHE where we are discussing our Value of the Month, Empathy.  We watch a Class Dojo video which we really enjoy as we learn more about our new Value.  It’s really important to understand how other people might be feeling.  We get into groups and are given different scenarios. We then discuss how we would use empathy in each situation and share our ideas with the class.

At 1600h some children head home and those staying for prep (homework) or clubs go to the dining room for a drink and a snack. Clubs are run on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school, and we can do prep every afternoon between 1600 and 1745. Today I am staying to complete my homework so that once I am home I can recharge my batteries properly before the next school day, whatever that might bring! Perhaps one of the traps will have an Ogre in it?

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