Design and Technology

Prestfelde’s children are lucky to be taught Design and Technology at all levels of the school, enjoying the benefits of qualified tuition and facilities that are the envy of many local secondary schools. Prestfelde has a dedicated Art/Design & Technology building which houses a design room and a large workshop.

Pupils have some sort of DT experience from the very early years, with children up to Year 2 following DT within a form classroom setting.  In Years 3 and 4 pupils are taught DT in the Art room, and from Year 5 – 8 DT lessons are taught in a spacious and very well equipped purpose built workshop. The school workshop is a popular part of the school, with a good selection of both hand and power tools.  Pupils are trained in the safe use of saws, drills, sanders, vacuum formers, etching tanks and a wide range of other machines and tools.  It is hoped that pupils will go on to use many of the skills they learn here throughout  their adult lives.

At Prestfelde we largely follow the requirements of the National Curriculum, but in many cases pupils complete projects which go far beyond what is required for their level.In their senior four years, all pupils will have experience of the following:

  • Resistant materials
  • Acrylics and plastics
  • Textiles
  • Electronics
  • Sheet metal work
  • Metal casting
  • Mechanics
  • Levers and linkages
  • Programming and Systems and Control
  • Introduction to CAD and CAM
  • General workshop good practice and safety
  • Basic measuring, cutting,  adhesion and finishing of a wide range of materials

More competent and skilled pupils can attend special craft club sessions, where they learn more complicated skills, like furniture making, wood and metal lathe work, and more advanced electronics.

In Year 8, pupils who show particular ability and talent are prepared for Design & Technology Scholarships to their senior schools.  Recent successes have seen Prestfelde pupils winning DT scholarships to Bloxham School, Wrekin College and Oundle School.