Head’s Welcome

At Prestfelde we know about the importance of development in the most formative years and we ensure that everything we do is focussed on creating a first rate education for your children.  Our belief is that learning helps shape the mind, heart and personality. Children are carefully guided and we light the pathway for their future with a passion for life and learning that inspires, nurtures and encourages them to challenge themselves.

With our considered and innovative approach to learning we provide an environment that develops a child’s confidence and an ability to think independently. Dedication to the children and commitment to excellence runs throughout the whole Prestfelde community, which makes it a makes it a privilege to lead this high-achieving, family-orientated team. Our school exists to give your child the best possible start in life and helps them to become self-assured, happy and ambitious individuals that are ready for the next step of their educational journey, and beyond.

Head's Welcome