Coronavirus advice

This page is a one-stop point of reference for parents and staff to seek information on Prestfelde’s reaction to coronavirus-related issues. Please check this page regularly – may we recommend at least a daily visit.

THE SCHOOL IS CLOSED until further notice. Notice of reopening will appear here.

Firefly – our learning platform – has been experiencing considerable difficulties due to the load being placed on it nationally. We hope that by now these problems have largely been overcome. A great deal of teaching material has been transposed to TEAMS if there is a recurrence of the problem.

Parent/staff consultations for Year 8 are CANCELLED. Please email the Office if clarification on any issue is required once the reports are received.

Here is a copy of the Coronavirus letter sent by Mrs Orchard and her SLT on 16th March to all parents.

Here is the ‘closing letter’ ent by Mrs Orchard on 19th March.


As far as is practicable, work is being provided for children and placed on Firefly or shared via Office 365 (OneDrive, Sharepoint and TEAMS) – (Firefly and TEAMS for Middle School children) – (Tapestry for Little Prestfelde children).

Advice regarding distance learning for FS1, for FS2, for Yrs 1 & 2, for Middle School and for Senior School may be downloaded from these links.

Mr Sowden has produced an excellent video explaining how to use our IT resources – if you are unsure, why not have a look? It is housed on Firefly > Resources > Parents > Whole School > IT access tutorial or click here. You may require your Firefly username and password. There is also an IT Support button on the IT page of Firefly should you need any specialist help relating to school IT.

Music:   advice has been placed on Firefly > Resources > Performing Arts > Music > Coronavirus. Individual music lessons are suspended: some of the peripatetic staff have already contacted parents with offers of distance lessons (i.e. by Skype, Zoom or similar) where practicable.

Daily check In           while the school is closed, we request that you ‘check in’ your children using the form below ideally by 0830h but certainly before 1000h. Those with more than one child at the school will need to check in once per child per day. We also request strongly that if a case of coronavirus is confirmed for any child or member of the immediate family, that you use the form below to notify the school.

Corona Check In

Please use this form daily in order to update the school with the status of all Prestfelde children and their immediate family. Information so gathered will be held by the school, used only for safeguarding of children, and disposed of before the child reaches the age of 18.
  • Each child requires separate check in
  • Please detail here (briefly) if any immediate family (those who have daily contact with the child) have or have recently had symptoms of any form of illness
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


Click here to enter another child’s details.