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Welcome to Middle Prestfelde

Hello and welcome! 

Giving our pupils a sense of belonging, stability and happiness, Middle Prestfelde is staffed by a team of talented teachers committed to enabling pupils to reach their potential in the classroom and beyond. An exciting three years where pupils continue to grow and explore their education, time in Middle Prestfelde is focused on maximising confidence through encouraging pupils to take responsibility and uphold our high standards of behaviour within their learning environment. Smoothing the transition from Little Prestfelde into a more grown-up setting, we equip pupils with the knowledge, the skills and the self-believe to enable them to fly in Senior Prestfelde.


Middle Prestfelde is the perfect environment to support the ethos of Little P, whilst getting the children ready to tackle the challenges of Senior Prestfelde. It's a place of growth in every sense of the word!

Both of my children really came into their own during their time in Middle Prestfelde. Providing self-confidence, independence and a bunch of good friends, Middle Prestfelde gave them everything they needed to progress.

The teachers have been amazing in understanding my daughter and her character. They have drawn out a very confident young lady from a once very shy little girl.