Music Groups and Lessons

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The timetable for each week’s lessons, published here by Sunday tea-time each week, has been sent for information and approval to all peripatetic staff, and we make every effort to ensure that it is as accurate as possible, with changes to the ‘normal’ times highlighted in yellow. We cannot guarantee its total accuracy, however – for complete reliance, please contact the teacher direct. If you have a concern about the timetable, please contact Mr Lund at the earliest opportunity. We cannot guarantee to change a lesson time, but make every effort to ensure that older pupils are given priority if possible, and that academic lessons (especially in Senior School)  are protected as far as possible.

 Orchestra not this week
 Brass Group not this week
 String Group Tuesday 12.50 – 1.20    Middle School only
 Training Band  Thursday 1030h
 Senior Choir Wednesday 0950h  

House Music – this event has now been CANCELLED entirely due to coronavirus. There may (if time allows) be some attempt to use the music rehearsed in the summer term.