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Regulatory Compliance Inspection Success

In November 2018 Prestfelde received an ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection. These inspections are carried out every three years and Prestfelde is delighted to have now received the full report. This was a compliance-only inspection and as such reports only on the school’s compliance with the standards. The standards represent minimum requirements and judgements and are given as either met or not met. The report confirms that Prestfelde is fully compliant, and has met all of the required standards. No further action is required as a result of this inspection.

Part 1. Provision of Education – Met

Part 2. Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural – Met

Part 3. Welfare, Health and Safety – Met

Part 4. Suitability of staff – SCR – Met

Part 5. Premises and accommodation – Met

Part 6. Provision of Information – Met

Part 7. Complaints – Met

Part 8. Quality of Leadership and Management – Met

Whilst the report is necessarily formal, the Reporting Inspector was fulsome in his verbal praise for the team’s experience, commenting that the school’s level of preparedness in advance of the inspection was very high and indicated that the high expectations the school sets for itself were the ‘norm’. He found the teachers, support staff and children not only to be fully aware of the necessary procedures and protocols but also strong advocates for their school – again, he commented that the openness and warm engagement was natural, genuine and lasting, demonstrating the strong community that Prestfelde School exudes.

Fiona Orchard, Head of Prestfelde commented “With the best report we could have at this time, Prestfelde continues to grow in strength across all areas. I feel immensely proud of the whole school team who constantly strive for greater and greater outcomes for our pupils, and for those in the community who provide such strong support for the school. Celebrating our 90th year in 2019 is a major milestone and a successful inspection report is certainly a great start to our year of planned celebrations.”

Read the full inspection report here: Prestfelde RCI Report November 2018




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