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Little Prestfelde as featured in My Shrewsbury Magazine Issue 21

Prestfelde’s junior school, affectionately known as ‘Little P’ is close to the hearts of so many who have grown through the ranks. Head of Little Prestfelde Emma Thelwell explains the benefits of quality early childhood education.  

For young children, every experience or encounter presents a learning opportunity – from everything they see, do, hear, feel, smell, and taste, to everyone they interact with and everywhere they go.

The foundations of education are the most important stage in a child’s development.

At Prestfelde School, we are proud to provide over 300 children with first-class facilities and a highly progressive and inclusive education. Little Prestfelde, affectionately known as Little P, is where children begin their journey, from the age of three to seven-years-old, incorporating a pre-school and the first three years of formal education up to the end of Year 2.

Set in a purpose-built school, this naturally stimulating environment provides the space for children to explore, enquire, and develop their own physicality. It houses a free-flow covered area, which can be used in all weathers. Experienced teachers work with small class sizes with an enviable adult to child ratio in year-only sets, offering a broad range of subjects and activities, with spacious classrooms and a strong emphasis on outdoor learning.

Pupils’ happiness and enjoyment is at the heart of Little P. We offer a caring, nurturing environment, which supports the development of a positive attitude towards learning. We foster a desire to discover by exploring and develop creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking,

Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and Humanities are delivered in a greater context of an understanding of the world, responding to pupils’ interests and fascinations.

Each child is known as an individual and their unique talents are recognised, celebrated, and used to develop new learning opportunities. This ultimately raises self-esteem and positively starts their journey of becoming a learner for life.

Young children are like sponges, soaking up information, and absorbing so much from our rich learning environment. In small classes, our teachers can closely monitor each child’s progress and tailor their teaching accordingly. This lays strong foundations at the very start of a child’s educational career.

We actively encourage parents to be partners in their child’s education and to become part of the rich fabric of Little Prestfelde, and the school community. Our offer includes quality wraparound care, open dialogue, and trust.

The whole school journey of learning is planned and considered, preparing each child for a Middle and Senior School education. Each child benefits from a fantastic level of attention from the very beginning.

As a school, we have the resources and experience to be adaptable to change and flexible in our approach. We ensured during lockdown that our early years curriculum and teaching were available online for the benefit of all our pupils.

My experience has been that those children fortunate enough to start in a pre-prep have the advantage of a truly secure base, both emotional and academic, on which to build their future school and working careers. This base is critical.

After all, it was Aristotle who said: “Give me a child until he is seven and I will show you the man”.

Photo credit: Barry Phillips


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