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Pupils join Odd Sock Day fun for Anti Bullying Week

On Friday 20th November pupils across the whole school collectively put their best feet forward to take part in the Odd Socks Day in aid of UK Anti Bullying Week.

Wonderful, odd socks appeared in classrooms and around the school backed up by the nationwide charity’s serious message – everyone is different in their own way.

Odd Socks Day helped to raise the children’s awareness of bullying.  It gave pupils the opportunity to express themselves and celebrate their individuality.

Across the school and in Chapels, pupils took part in classroom discussions and activities to develop and deepen their understanding of this extremely important topic.

Prestfelde Head, Mrs. Fiona Orchard said, “The response was fabulous. Everywhere you looked pupils and staff were proudly displaying their bold and bright, odd socks.

Empathy, respect, unity, and humility are central to our core values and our pupils know they have a safe and secure school in which to enjoy their learning. Bullying of any kind is not tolerated in our school, and our pupils understand that they all have a role to play in creating a ‘zero tolerance’ culture. We’re united against bullying.”







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