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Six Scholars Smiling!

The annual Shrewsbury Academic Scholarship examinations took place in the second week of May, and now that the results are in, Prestfelde again has great pride in announcing the achievements of its scholarship set, all of who have gained entrance to their senior schools with the promise of further academic success to come over the next five years.

Six of the 17 awards made by Shrewsbury School this year have been won by Prestfeldians, with our girls this year especially to the fore. Jenny O’Brien and Rose Farquharson both won top Butler Scholarships. Jenny scored exceptionally highly, her ten papers yielding four A+ grades and five As. Rose’s added the academic scholarship to her top Music award won last February. Both girls combined excellent ability with consistently hard work to achieve their success.

Eleanor Hancock and Charlotte Silver gained prestigious Kennedy Scholarships (Ellie already had an All-Rounder award to her name, and Charlie a scholarship for Art).

Eloise Jones and Oliver Parton were awarded Alington Scholarships – both of them having already received awards for Sport and All-Rounder. Head, Fiona Orchard was delighted to give the children their results, and young faces were full of smiles as they left to chat over the details of another year of top academic success for Prestfelde’s scholarship set.



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