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Anything but a Trying Day for Shropshire Schools

With thanks for an excellent review written by Fergus, Year 7

From 14:30-16:00 on the afternoon of Monday 12th of November, 16 schools gathered at Highfields, Prestfelde School, to take part in the School Games tag rugby tournament.

Two competitions took place, with the main event being the larger schools’ tournament, which was a qualifying round for the Shropshire School Games event. The result of this larger tournament was a joint first place win for the Trinity A team and St Georges Junior School team. Coming out on top for the smaller schools’ tournament was Trinity B team: a great day overall for Trinity.

Joint winners Trinity A and St Georges Junior School will now be taking part in a training session together and the best players from each team will be put forward for the afore mentioned Shropshire School Games.

Denise Lee, the organizer of the event, said: “I’ve had a wonderful afternoon. It’s been great!” and continued that the busy event was greatly supported by Prestfelde staff and the two scorers, Ellie and Rose of Prestfelde School, who helped immensely.

The tournament was made up of a series of 8-minute games with 6-minute changeovers, taking 15 minutes in total (allowing 1-minute for scores to be brought in by the score keepers and recorded on the scoresheets.)

The event was not hugely competitive, with much more emphasis placed on fun and getting muddy: “But that’s what rugby is all about really” as stated by Mrs. Orchard, the Head of Prestfelde School. Mrs. Orchard continued to explain that it was “fabulous to have so many schools here in one place.”

The weather was horrible and extremely muddy. But the sun did occasionally make an appearance and Tom, Pitch 1 referee and gap student at Prestfelde School said: “the mud didn’t put off the players and we still saw some good quality play”.

Fortunately, by the end of match 3, the sun was shining, and spirits brightened. However, the mud still lingered, only adding to the fun experienced by the players.

The whole event was a great demonstration of our Prestfelde core values of teamwork, honesty, respect, determination, passion and self-belief. After a brief chat with the Longden coach/referee, she described how honesty had been shown in the Crowmoor vs. Greenacres small schools match, with both teams owning up to fouls that she had not seen, including a dropped tri that could have been the difference between winning and losing. “It was my champagne moment”, the Longden Coach explained.

Overall, the weather wasn’t great, but the quality of play certainly was, alongside impressive sportsmanship, teamwork and determination. A huge congratulations to all the players that took part, and ‘Happy Birthday’ to Amelia, a Prestfelde player.


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