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Thanks for being great sports!

Over the last two cold January weekends we have welcomed our parents to join in our weekly Saturday sports. Invited to ‘have a go’ at netball and lacrosse parents turned up with bags of enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved.

Encouraging our parents to join in provided for a fun and engaging taster session of netball and lacrosse, allowing parents to play with their children (or as opponents!), have some fun, demonstrate their skills and learn all about the sport their children take part in.

We believe that opening sporting conversations and involving parents in their child’s sport can influence their enjoyment, their long-term engagement and even their performance.

At Prestfelde we have a full sports calendar of opportunities for children of all abilities. We know this makes our busy parents even busier as they juggle their professional and home lives.

Parents of Prestfelde School we want you to know that we understand how you juggle your diaries to support our teams before, during and after and from the side lines when you can. We appreciate you washing the muddy kit and scuffed knees and the focus you provide on the personal improvement and effort your child puts into the match and not just the outcome. We also appreciate your emotional support by tactfully picking up the pieces when your child is upset and when things don’t go according to plan.

And we really appreciated you joining in our sessions and ‘having a go’, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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