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Tuesday letter from the Head

‘Dear Families

On Day Two of a much more stringent lockdown, we still do have a few key worker children in. Mindful of the stricture that the fewer the children the less they are able to do, and also mindful that we are all dealing with wider concerns, I hope that the distance learning is being received with the right expectations and that the children are gaining from our continued support. At the same time it is important to have family time so relaxing and enjoying your children is also very important. We are responsive to feedback and the LP teachers have responded with putting up the tasks the night before to help parents in their preparations.

We are adapting around Firefly’s problems: today has been a log in overload and not a server issue so it will be resolved with Amazon – their partner. With this difficulty our staff are moving more to their TEAMS – Microsoft platform, many are now working hard to re set many of their tasks through this which is frustrating all round. Please be patient – everyone is on to it!

Most importantly on this sunny day – we want to encourage you to enjoy any quality time you can with your children: our learning is here to support you with activities and a friendly face, with the teachers that your children know so well. Don’t hesitate to set your children some household chores, encourage their independence so they are a support to you and you work as a team. Their life skills will be so important going forwards.

Certainly after watching this!  I send this with compassion and understanding – be kind to yourselves and perhaps the below may help to vitalise as a fun family activity!

30 mins Body coach with Joe Wicks

Sending my best wishes to you all – school is not the same without you, we will keep in touch.’

Mrs Orchard

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