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Welcome Back Prestfeldians!

This week it has been an absolute pleasure to welcome all Prestfeldians back to school and a joy to see so many happy faces! We have welcomed many new families, pupils, and staff to school, and our Head, Mrs. Orchard spoke in her chapel about the importance of ‘new beginnings’ and being ready to seize every opportunity this academic year.

With sport and club activities starting this week, Saturday sports, residentials, and boarding it won’t be hard for all pupils to settle back into school life! Building relationships at this time of year as pupils change classes is fundamental for a successful year ahead and they have all made a great start.

Our pupils have been amazing, we have been blessed with sunshine and are so pleased to be back, and the school once again feels like one big happy family with no bubbles in sight. The smiles and laughter can be heard from the classroom and playground alike.

Welcome back Prestfeldians!

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