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Old Prestfeldians

The School has an active Society for Old Prestfeldians, and is always keen to maintain contacts with former pupils and staff of every age!

At the moment, Prestfelde is beginning to look forward with excitement to our Centenary in 2029, and you are welcome to contact Old Prestfeldian Rep. Jeremy Lund at (or write to the School Secretary Jayne Simmonds) with news or stories from your time here!

Especially important to us is to be kept up to date about births, marriages, jobs and other key information about our former pupils – please let us know how you are getting on – we really like to know!

Contact the Old Prestfeldians

Unusually among most prep schools, Prestfelde has a formal Committee that meets termly: the Committee has managed the Society since the early days when some of the original 1929 pupils were members. The four core objectives of the Prestfeldian Society, set out in its constitution, are:

  • To promote good fellowship amongst Old Prestfeldians.
  • To strengthen ties between past and present members of the School.
  • To make arrangements for holding meetings, sports fixtures, dinners and any other appropriate activities from time to time.
  • To further the general interest and prosperity of the School.

Keeping in touch

Please complete an OP Form if you have not done so before, so that we can keep you informed of forthcoming events.

Please access the Society’s Facebook page to interact with other “OP”s and the school.

OP Form

Our Old Prestfeldian Society is growing each year. It really is a delight to catch up with people to see how their lives have progressed post Prestfelde. We continue to be a strong and supportive community, which is just lovely.
– Jeremy Lund, OP Co-ordinator