Old Prestfeldians

A Prestfeldian’s link with the School need not end when he or she moves on to their chosen senior school, and the Old Prestfeldian Society gives a great opportunity to enjoy a continuing relationship.

We have an active body of supporters who are just as passionate about the School’s future as they are about its past. With some annual functions, for example, Old Boys’ and Girls’ sports matches and a summer barbeque, all staged at School, an entry in the annual Prestfelde magazine and the proposal to upload OP news to the new School website, the Society aims to provide an easy way for OP’s to keep in touch with their friends and also to meet other former Prestfeldians of all age groups, along with past and present members of staff.

The four core objectives of the Prestfeldian Society set out in its constitution are:

  • To promote good fellowship amongst Old Presfeldians.
  • To strengthen ties between past and present members of the School.
  • To make arrangements for holding meetings, sports fixtures, dinners and any other appropriate activities from time to time.
  • To further the general interest and prosperity of the School.

If you are an OP and would like to pass on any current information about yourself or any of your contemporaries at School for inclusion on the website or magazine, do send us an e-mail, along with your dates at School, to Neil Griffiths and Simon Rowland Jones via the school office: jsimmons@prestfelde.co.uk .

The Old Prestfeldian Association Committee:

President Robin Onions (1959-64)
Chairman Neil Griffiths (1947-49)
Secretary Simon Rowland Jones (1973-74)
Treasurer Ian McIntosh (1945-50)
Head Fiona Orchard

Paul Beeton (1967-72)
Neil Daly (1979-84)
Lance Gilmore (1969-70)
Duncan Gunn-Russell (1975-79)
Mike Haswell (Staff Representative)
Matt Sandford (1975-81)