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Both my son and my daughter absolutely love a night staying at Prestfelde when I am away with work. The staff are so lovely, it is a real home-from-home for them.

In order to help support parents with busy lives and evening work commitments we offer a full complement of ‘wrap-around care’.  Children are able to board on a flexible or weekly basis in a familiar and welcoming home-from-home in Prestfelde’s Boarding House. We see it as an excellent opportunity to develop independence. Children are cared for by the boarding house-parents, assisted by a close-knit team who also teach in the school.

Boarding life at Prestfelde closely resembles the atmosphere, fun and variety of a busy, loving and happy family, but with the added advantage of being surrounded by friends of your own age. Children from Year 3 to Year 8 are invited to join us for a boarding night at any stage of the term.

Importantly, staff are always available to help with projects or prep, and regularly liaise with form tutors to make sure boarders are working to their full potential.

As well as ensuring the academics are covered, the emphasis in the boarding house is on fun. Different activities are on offer every night and provide another opportunity to help our children become well-rounded individuals. Dance, sports, craft, games, cookery and above all good friends make our boarding house a place that our children like to spend time when they are away from home.

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My favourite Boarding Night so far has been Movie Night, where we cooked our own pizzas and have an ice-cream station

My friends and I always arrange to do a Boarding Night together. It's like the best sleepover ever. I love sleeping in the top bunk!

Meet the Boarding House Team

Mrs. Keogh-Jones

Head of Year 6 & English, Mrs Keogh-Jones is also Head of Boarding and lives on site, so always around to ensure that Boarding nights run smoothly. Delivering Boarding timetables that are bursting with activities Mrs. Keogh-Jones makes sure there is always something for everyone. 

Mrs. Paula Ratcliffe

Head of Nursery and based in Little P for many years, Mrs. Ratcliffe is known and loved by all of the children. Snuggle up with a hot chocolate for a cosy night in, when Mrs. Ratcliffe is leading.  

Ms. Connie Watts

Based in Senior Prestfelde, Head of PSHE and Languages Teacher, Ms. Watts is a familiar face with our older pupils and a friendly face to our younger children. Delivering fun filled Boarding evenings, the children all look forward to Ms. Watts leading the night.

Ms. Lucy Vallonchini

Our wonderful House Matron, Ms Vallonchini sleeps in the Boarding House along the children, to take care of them all as they dream the night away. The children love her and she takes care of them all as if they were her own. 

Mr. Ed Brittleton

Teacher of Geography, IT and Games, Mr Brittleton is also involved in Prestfelde Holiday Club: The Great Escape, so has lots of fun ideas to keep the children entertained. 

Miss. Charlotte Edwards

Our lovely Registrar, the children all know and love Miss Edwards. Keen to get everyone up, moving and having lots of fun, its a laughter filled night when Miss Edwards takes over.

Mrs. Jenna Johnson

Head of Girls Games, Mrs. Johnson is known for her 'get-up-and-go'! There's never a dull moment when Mrs. Johnson is in charge.