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Pupil Well-Being

Our mission is to ensure that all Prestfelde pupils are happy pupils, therefore our team of Well-Being Support teachers are extremely important to life here at Prestfelde. Supporting positive emotional and mental health throughout the school community, Prestfelde is focused on holistic support for all. 

Located in the heart of the School and easily accessible to all, The Dovey Centre is where our pupils can go if they feel worried about any aspect of school life. Based in The Dovey Centre, our Well-Being Team specialise in helping children to feel happy and comfortable. Working with the child and their family, they are on hand to help should a child have any worries or problems at school. 

Help is always on hand 

From the start of the school day through to home time, our Well-Being Team are visible and accessible. Even during class-time, should a child feel anxious for any reason, and would prefer to speak to someone else other than their teacher, they can press the silent 'Worry Button' on their Firefly platform. This will alert a member of the Well-Being Team to enable them to engage and provide the support required to get that child back on track. 

Mathilda, Ella, Jake & Walter are our Well-being Champions for Senior Prestfelde.

Joe & Hester are our Well-being Champions for Middle Prestfelde.

Introducing our Well-being Champions for Senior &  Middle Prestfelde! They have been working hard behind the scenes training for this very exciting new role. Our Well-being Champions have the very important job of promoting positive well-being amongst everyone here at Prestfelde. Look out for their yellow smiley face badges around school!


Let's Connect 

Celebrating Children's Mental Health Week, the School, led by the Well-Being Team, helped children and their families, to understand ways in which to positive mental health can be achieved. Working together, being together and supporting each other, the theme for this year was Let's Connect.