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School Houses

Every child belongs to a pastoral House which presents learning opportunities that allow children of different ages to work towards a common goal. It offers leadership and mentoring experience for older children while giving youngsters the opportunity to learn alongside more experienced pupils. 

The House structure forms the basis of our reward system with competitions in music, sport and quizzes which build close relationships throughout the school.

My younger sister and I are both in Celts, which is really good because I get to see her when we do House competitions. 


Named after the storming Normans who invaded England, from France, in 1066 and who then went on to rule England for 300 years! The Normans were not only warriors but also skilled leaders.



The Anglo-Saxons were fierce  farmer-warriors who lived in Britain over a thousand years ago.  Each tribe was ruled by its own strong warrior who settled their people in different parts of the country.


As innovative warriors, the Celts learned  how to make weapons out of iron and were indeed, a very advanced society. In battle they fought with swords and spears, and they used long shields to protect themselves.


The Vikings were warriors from northern Europe. They sailed the seas from the late 700s to the 1000s. Their northern European neighbours gave them the name of Viking, which means 'pirate'.

Prestfelde appoint Heads of Houses each year and our teachers are also affiliated with a House when they join the school. Belonging to a House is one of the best experiences, as it gives the children the means to make friends in older and younger year groups and gives everyone that sense of belonging being a part of a bigger team.