Boarders Activities Spring 2018In order to help support parents’ busy lives and work commitments we offer a full complement of ‘wrap around care’.  Children are able to board on a flexible or weekly basis in a familiar and welcoming home from home in the boarding house. We see it as an excellent opportunity to develop independence and children are cared for by the boarding house parents who are assisted by a close knit team who also teach in the school.

Boarding life at Prestfelde closely resembles the atmosphere, fun and variety of a busy, loving and happy family, but with the added advantage that you are surrounded by your friends. Children from Year 3 to Year 8 are invited to join us for a boarding night at any stage of the term.

Importantly, staff are always available to help with projects or prep, and regularly liaise with form tutors to make sure boarders are working to their full potential.

As well as ensuring the academics are covered, the emphasis in the boarding house is on fun. Different activities are on offer every night and provide another opportunity to help our children become well-rounded individuals. Dance, sports, craft, games, cookery and a lot more make our boarding house a place that our children like to spend time when they are away from home.

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Boarders Activities Spring 2018


Boarding at Prestfelde