Our culture for learning is founded on our belief that each child is an individual. The excellent and committed staff develop personalised programmes to support each child’s academic, social and physical ability.

We encourage pupils to think for themselves and grow their independence through the skills they learn. The Prestfelde way encourages self-managers, creative thinkers, enquiring minds, reflective learners, effective participators and team workers – transferable skills that are essential characteristics of good learning.

Our diverse curriculum is supported by a wide variety of practical activities and experiential learning. Pupils are encouraged to work together, learn from each other and to be inspired by teachers who make the lessons ignite with excitement.

We support children who need particular assistance in academic subjects with expert help. This commitment to the needs of every child is an essential part of Prestfelde, and does not just apply to those with Special Educational Needs – we are one of very few prep schools in the region which commit to a dedicated scholarship set in Year 8 to prepare the most able children for scholarship examination entry to their senior school at Year 9.

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