Prestfelde is proud of its Christian foundation that underpins the central framework of our core values. As a Woodard School we encourage diversity, understanding and tolerance and believe it is important to look after the spiritual needs of our pupils, whatever their religious faith.

By growing up in a close knit, caring environment to the age of thirteen, children can remain children for longer. They are given opportunities to try new things without fear of failure; they have time to laugh and enjoy themselves, and they can develop at their own pace. This helps our pupils to build their self-confidence in safe and caring surroundings.

One of the heroes of the Second World War, Flt Lt Eric Lock RAF flew the banner as a former Prestfeldian and was the most successful British fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain. Flt Lt Lock sums up our educational philosophy and will remain an icon for generations of Prestfeldians to come. His strength of character and confidence in his own ability helped him to become a respected leader and role model for others.

The school is based in a central location in Shrewsbury which is known for being the birthplace of Charles Darwin whose enquiring mind, tenacity and intellectual rigour changed the way we think about the world. Prestfelde’s key skills of creativity, problem solving, investigation and collaboration help our children to find subjects that excite them and develop their own love of learning.

We will welcome your child into our community, discover where their talents lie, nurture those skills, and give them the tools to achieve far more than they might have thought possible. They may be a world-changer like Darwin or a history-maker like Lock……we will find out.

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