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Welcome to Senior Prestfelde

A very warm welcome to Senior Prestfelde.

Building on the strong foundation provided by a Prestfelde education from nursery to year five, this is the place where each and every pupil’s true potential will be fully realised. Senior School pupils experience a highly supportive environment with a bespoke approach to their education. Pupils routinely excel and often gather success in the form academic, creative arts and sporting scholarships from a wide range of leading independent schools. Our curriculum imparts not just extensive knowledge but also key subject and core skills essential for ongoing success. Pupils are encouraged to think independently, persevere towards their goals and reflect thoroughly on their learning process. 

Parents can rest assured that pupils are exceptionally well prepared and supported throughout their time with us. They leave Prestfelde self-assured and resilient young ladies and gentlemen ready for the next phase of their educational life.


"Prestfelde has maintained the best of their traditions whilst teaching methods have continually updated to enhance the children's learning."

"Pupils have outstanding attitudes towards learning and benefit from an excellent curriculum."

Welcome to Senior Prestfelde

Nurturing confidence, independence and ambition, our Senior Prestfelde pupils are focused on achieving their best during these last, important years at the School.